LIVE Apparel Printing Trailer for On-Site Events (Fully Brandable for Any Occasion)

Elevate Your Next Event with Our Revolutionary Live Apparel Printing Experience

Book our fully customizable, fully-stocked, white-labeled mobile trailer & apparel support team for your next event.

How it works

1. Brand Your Experience: Transform our trailer into your brand haven! Enjoy full branding, complete with four custom flags, mounted hardboard signs (3′ x 2′) on all sides and under windows. Illuminate evening events with exterior lights and LEDs for a branded experience that shines!

2. Confirm Inventory Selection: Collaboratively, we’ll ensure an optimal inventory for on-site production – from tees and tanks to hoodies and windbreakers – and the best part? No leftover inventory hassles.

3. Confirm Logo Selection: Decide on graphics offered to be printed on your apparel. These graphics can then be chosen to be added to any items at the trailer production window.

4. Free Apparel Redemption Tickets: Let attendees claim complimentary pieces of apparel at your event… Fashion, freedom, and fun, all in one ticket. This is optional but often seen as added marketing and excitement for event staff, volunteers, partners, etc.

5. Event Day Rate & Profit Share: In accordance with your event’s requirements, a 100% non-refundable Event Day Rate is required to secure your booking. This rate encompasses all expenses related to custom flags, signage, inventory selection, preparation of printable graphics, and all equipment & labor required to create this unforgettable experience. Subsequently, you will receive a partial refund for all cash and credit card transactions collected until your Event Day Rate is covered. This refund could be up to 90% of all sales, depending on the requirements and costs involved, such as offering custom names & numbers on every piece. Profits beyond your Event Day Rate will be subject to a 50/50 profit-sharing arrangement.

Next Steps:

1. Submit an Event Inquiry:
Let’s put your event in the spotlight! To get started, we’d love to learn more about the branded experience you’re envisioning, the apparel offerings you have in mind, and the graphics you’d like to see printed.

2. Book The Experience:
Upon confirming your event requirements, our team will create an Event Day Rate quote for you. Once we receive your 100% non-refundable Event Day Rate payment, we’ll kickstart the booking & preparation process, ensuring everything aligns seamlessly with your vision.

3. Promote:
This isn’t just an event; it’s now a dynamic experience where attendees are the stars. Your creativity, energy, and passion will be the driving force behind the success of this live printing extravaganza. Promote & announce this new live printing service, or keep it a surprise!

Let’s Get Started

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Life Brand: On-Site Apparel Printing Trailer

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