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Supercharge your Turn-Key Store with My Brand Platform Plans & Upgrades

Take your store to the next level with unlimited products, custom product support, drop ship item fulfillment from your own website, custom domain names, and so much more… We’ll even send your products out to our email list as a featured brand spotlight.

Upgrading your monthly subscription plan will increase your wholesale discount margin and raise your retail sales commissions. Our warehouse and additional marketing services are here as an experienced extension of your team, to help support you with website needs, email newsletter marketing, SEO, SEM, and social media channel management.

No Contracts. Cancel at ANY TIME.


*Scroll down… See our Gold Plan


Free Turn-Key Startup Package

The perfect startup store solution for any individual, team, or company/organization.

Up to 12 Products Included*

*All plans include up to 24 full-color, single print location, print-on-demand direct-to garment & vinyl products based on one primary logo on a public store. Additional print locations can be added with Platform Add-Ons. Logo must be approved by our production team, and can not emulate the standard Life Brand style of logos we already produce with standard words, shapes, states, & countries available in our Custom Life Brand Logo area of our website.

Paid Professional Packages

Maximize margins & profits with an experienced team and platform to help support all of your merchandise & apparel management needs.


Note: Credit card required to start professional plans, however your first payment will not be due until after your free 12 month trial. This gives you time to launch your store with no risk, and decide if you would like to continue while building funds multiple times faster. No contracts, cancel at any time. You can even cancel and go back to our free plan before your first payment if desired.

Returns & Exchanges: Although rare, are covered at no cost to your customers, however, the cost to replace will be removed from your commissions. As your collection of returned items increases in our warehouse, our team may periodically send you your returns & exchanges inventory for you to do what you’d like with on your own (resell, giveaway, etc).

3rd Party Inventory Storage and Management Program Add-On (3PL)

Specializing in custom apparel storage and fulfillment, with the added convenience of high-quality print-on-demand products, My Brand offers comprehensive solutions tailored to specific needs. Our jaw-dropping warehousing facilities ensure secure and climate-controlled storage for valuable inventory, and with a commitment to precision and efficiency for our own in-house brands, we handle order fulfillment with utmost care for our clients, ensuring your logo and products reach your customers accurately and on time.

How Does It Work?

Send us your existing inventory.

Your live detailed inventory report in your My Brand Portal will tell you how much inventory is in stock:

Every piece you store in our facility has a fee, per individual piece, based on the physical size of the item. Large items cost more than small items (For example, a heavy jacket will cost more to store than a small sticker). At the bottom of your report, you will always see your live inventory counts, plus the total monthly cost.

We do, however, have a monthly minimum of $399.95 to store inventory.

Inventory totals are recorded at the start of every billing period. If you have 200 items in stock at the start of your billing period, that is what you will be billed for.

After 10 years of managing our own inventory, we understand the demands of the apparel industry and getting products out the door.

Partnering with My Brand means seamless supply chain management, reduced operational costs, and the freedom to focus on what you do best – Doing what you love.

Gift Codes

Create unlimited gift codes for your print-on-demand items, redeemable for any value towards your store.*

Pre-Paid Print-On-Demand Item Gift Codes

Available at any value in any quantity.

*Gift codes have no refundable value associated with them, and can only be redeemed for products on Life Brand platform.

Custom Store Tasks

All other tasks related to your store will be billed hourly.

Billed Hourly

$150/Per Hour

Add-On Subscriptions

Custom products such as items with multiple print locations, various logos, screen-printing, embroidery, and laser engravings can be added with our Platform Add-Ons, as well as hidden stores, password-protected stores, and automated email campaign support.

My Brand Subscription: Automated Email Campaigns (Holiday Promos, Back to School Sale, etc)$10.00Add to Cart

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After 10 years, the secret is out: My Brand is the platform we use to power our own brands…

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